Cubas favorite cocktail.


Refreshing super popular cocktail.Created in Havana the mojito is one of the most famous cocktails for good reasons, super refreshing, cooling and tasty it’s the ultimate summer drink.


Made with natural mint oil, pure cane sugar and lime juice provide and refreshing and authentic flavour.

Pineapple coconut perfection.

The national drink of Puerto Rico the Pina Colada is one of the most famous cocktails known for its fancy garnish and cooling taste.

Made with coconut oils, white sugar, pineapple juice amongst other ingredients our Pina Colada Mix blends or shakes a thick creamy foam enjoyed on hot days and cool parties.

Mexico’s most famous cocktail the Margarita.

This cocktail must be made with Tequila and can be made stirred in a whiskey glass or blended and then served in a Margarita glass it is then called a frozen margarita. Fruit purees can also be added. These days fruity margaritas are very popular with Strawberry, Mango and Peach, being very popular in the summer along side more fancy types.

Margaritas are all about fun, fun and fun. Perfect for a fun house party

Made with lime juice, cane sugar and perfectly balanced for awesome margaritas.

Used to bring balance with a dash of sweetness and a hint of sourness to balance the alcohol flavour in cocktails our Sweet & Sour mix is shelf stable and a time saving way to not have to make it from scratch.

Sweet & Sour mix are used in a wide range of cocktails.

Ours is made with lemon juice, cane sugar and has a perfect sweet to sour ratio.